Polly and Stone were my grandparents. They either grew or raised most of the food they consumed, and were pretty much self-sustaining before that was in fashion.

Polly did the cooking, and when we visited we always knew we would be getting good eats. She made her bread, cakes, and pies from scratch, and used what she and Stone raised for the main meal. Having learned from her that food made with fresh, local ingredients and cooking from scratch makes for the best tasting and most wholesome foods, we try to incorporate as much of that style into our offerings as possible.

Stone was the talker in the family, and told stories from when he traveled the south-west. From him comes the theme for our shop and the tex-mex style foods we offer.  

We are proud to be a local and independent business. We do not use canned or mass-produced ingredients, and we firmly believe that Quality should come before Profit. 

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer. 

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